Who are we?

We are mother and daughter team Jean and Gabrielle Gooding (and Gabe’s daughters Rachel aged 10 and Meg aged 5).

Jean and grand-daughter Rachel with Puppies

Gabe and Rachel in the garden with
Ch Yunbeai In Classic Style and Yunbeai Special Delivery
Photo courtesy of UWA UniNews (L. Brophy photographer)

Where are we?

We live in the suburb of Martin in the foothills to the south east of Perth Western Australia. (Perth is the world’s most isolated city being separated from the east coast of Australia by the Nullabor Desert and facing Africa across the Indian Ocean to the west.) We live on a 2 acre property adjacent to the Darling Range Regional Park with Gabe’s partner Paul Grove, a kennel full of Cocker Spaniels, a few Papillons, two sheep and several cats.

The place on which we reside was originally the land of the Nyungahr people in Western Australia and we acknowledge their links to the land and their ongoing spiritual relationship with the land.

Yunbeai House
Jean and Rachel with puppies in the garden

Yunbeai Property
The home of Yunbeai Cockers

What do we do?

Jean has a Science degree in Zoology with Honours in Veterinary Biology, while Gabe has a Science Degree in Microbiology with Honours in Veterinary Biology and a Masters in Business Administration. 

Jean does the bulk of the work in the kennel and is the brains and experience behind the dog operation, while Gabe works part-time as a Senior Scientific Officer at the University of Western Australia (to help pay the mortgage!). Both of us devote our lives to family and to the pursuit of breeding the perfect cocker spaniel.

What is Yunbeai all about?

We found the word Yunbeai (pronounced yun-bee-eye) in a book called Australian Legendary Tales which was full of dreamtime stories of Australia’s indigenous aborigines. In the dreamtime a man had several spirits to guide him including his dream spirit and his animal spirit (somewhat like a north American totem). The quote which caught our attention was as follows: “A man’s spirit is in his Yunbeai and his Yunbeai’s spirit is in him”.

We decided to use it as our kennel name because of its meaning and as recognition of the place of indigenous culture in Australia. 

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